Welcome to the RoxyAnnPeak.com website. The purpose of this website is to provide cameras that are open to the public to view the Rogue Valley, and see what the weather is currently like and to view the last 24 hours in a time-lapse. This would not be possible without the help of the folks over at Hunter Communications letting us use some bandwidth on top of Roxy Ann Peak.

Hunter Communications

The Medford Camera page shows the last image from the camera. That image is updated every minute and now as of 12/05/2019.

I decided to get rid of the video format timelapse. It really consumed a lot of CPU to generate that. I have replaced it with a javascript version that loads up a set of images in your browser and then plays them back really fast. I have found this script to perform really well on desktop and mobile alike. Depending on the amount of RAM you device has, loading 24 hours might make it cry.

The Medford Camera Live Stream page is just that. View the camera in (close to) real time. I think there is something like a 5 – 6 second delay with the different servers the stream passes through and the FFMpeg RTSP to HLS processing. There are two streaming bit-rates to accommodate your data connection. If the player thinks it can receive a higher bit-rate, it will grab the next one up.

The PTZ Camera menu has a snapshot from that camera that is updated every minute also.

The Live Stream from the PTZ Camera has been converted over to stream to YouTube since the Almeda Fire that hit our area back on Sept 10, 2020. This server used to be hosted in San Jose and the the stream did not handle the camera being so far away from the server and it kept buffering and craping out. So, I registered for a YouTube account and that automatically takes 24 hours before they will let you start streaming. I went through a couple design phases of the stream but I am very content with how it has turned out.

My only complaint about the YouTube stream is that when the stream terminates for whatever reason, I have to not only restart it, but I also have to update the embed link on this site to point to the new stream…