Hey everyone. This is kind of a PSA of sorts. Please please please don’t park in front of the gate. There are plenty of parking spaces in the designated parking lot right behind this vehicle. Parking in front of gates prevents radio service personnel from getting to the radio systems they maintain. You might think, “what’s the big deal” but it actually is. Radio systems on mountain tops like Roxy Ann Peak include first responders such as MPD, S.O. Sheriff and ODF Fire but that’s not all.

When there is a problem with radio equipment, a technician needs to get to the site but precious time is wasted while a tow truck is called out to remove the vehicle.

Radio communication is not the only need to get past that gate. Fires happen and when a fire truck needs past the gate, depending of the rig, they won’t wast time with a tow truck, they just use a chain and pull the car out of the way.

This is a public city park, accidents happen and if medical needs up there, well, I hope you get the picture… Let’s all enjoy this park, but please don’t park in front of gates.

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